Yard Rigger (Grades 1 - 3)

  • General Dynamics Bath Iron Works
  • Bath, ME, USA
  • Sep 11, 2019
Full time Manufacturing

Job Description

Job Description

This is an entry level position (Grade 1 – 3) to work as a Yard Rigger. Applicants may be assigned any Y02 Trade tasks, but will initially be assigned entry level rigging operations including (but not limited to): selecting and assembling rigging gear, attaching and un-attaching loads to lifting gear, performing basic hand rigging, and inspecting rigging gear. Applicants must be able to perform this work in all areas of the shipyard.

Required/Preferred Education/Training

Preferred – High School Diploma or GED.

Required - At least 3 months of prior rigging experience.  

Required/Preferred Experience

Required - Must be able to work on ships, on the ground, and in all buildings.
Required - Must meet the requirements of the Y02 physical task analysis.
Preferred – Ability to demonstrate usage and understanding of "Standard Hand Signals".
Preferred – Ability to identify the correct type sling for a given application

Preferred – Ability to determine sling angles and associated capacities.