Rapid Response Coordinator, Ship's Completion

  • General Dynamics Bath Iron Works
  • Bath, ME, USA
  • Sep 11, 2019
Full time Manufacturing

Job Description

Job Description

Rapid response is the concept of getting mechanics the quick service they need to progress discrete work faster. Job duties include the following: 


- Manage rapid response day to day operations on board ship.


- Coordinate / manage trades assigned to rapid response including performance metrics for rapid response:
• Paintshop – paint removal, pickup paint, support
• I02 – Pipe and structural insulation removal and repair
• Facilities - Tool crib, air, steam, power
• Temporary vent and power
• Carpenter shop service
• Staging
• Safety
• Other

- Provide information services to all personnel working and / or visiting aboard ship: 

• Responsible for making shipboard announcements

• Interfacing with security and fire response personnel during normal and emergency situations

• Interface with medical personnel in event of injury aboard ship.

• Integrate with Safety Action Teams and help manage Safety Boards and logs – both content and condition

• Understand ships on-boarding requirements for new personnel

• Manage Tank Board – responsible to ensure all personnel working tanks are using the tank status board per procedure and responsible to provide board status in the event of emergency or drill situations

- Ensure a safe, clean, working environment is maintained at all times during the construction process: 

• Manage inventory of care and protection consumables onboard ship

• Manage inventory of cleaning supplies onboard ship

- Backup Area Managers or Front Line Supervisors as requested

- Manage special projects as assigned by ships management

- Coordinate and/or facilitate the resolution of any barriers, either production or pre-production that could impede the achievement of scheduled events

- Responsible to understand the ships plan and priorities and execute:

• Work in accordance with all Union agreements and promote teamwork

• Work to identify, develop, and implement cost reduction initiatives

• Work to maintain a high level of credibility with customers

Required/Preferred Education/Training

High School Graduate or GED
Graduate apprentice or Bachelor's Degree preferred

Required/Preferred Experience

• Minimum of 5 years production/shipyard experience preferred
• Solid understanding of shipbuilding processes and MACPAC system
• Solid understanding of union agreement
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Demonstrated ability to effectively manage conflict
• Understanding of labor cost reporting