Machinist (Grades 7 - 9)

  • General Dynamics Bath Iron Works
  • Bath, ME, USA
  • Jul 12, 2019
Full time Manufacturing

Job Description

Job Description

This is an experienced position to work in the Machinist Trade. Machinists primarily set-up and operate machine shop equipment including (but not limited to): lathes, radial drills, grinders, presses, punch presses, cut-off saws, milling machines, rolls, sheers, brakes, and burning machines. Applicants hired into this position shall generally be able to operate most equipment with minimal training based on prior experience, including CNC operated equipment. Machinists may be assigned any of the M04 Trade tasks.

Required/Preferred Education/Training

Required – High School Diploma or GED.
Required – Technical school or at least one year of CNC machine operation.
Required – Knowledge of G-code.

Required/Preferred Experience

Required – Must have demonstrated experience in the Machinist Trade.
Required – Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and use of G-code.
Required – Must be able to read measuring tools: tape measure, inside and outside micrometers, Vernier or dial calipers, dial indicators, etc. and perform simple math calculations.
Required - Must meet the requirements of the M04 physical task analysis.
Preferred – Waterjet, laser cutting, and break operations