Psychiatric Resource Nurse #62436

  • Northern Light Health
  • Northern Light Acadia Hospital, Stillwater Avenue, Bangor, ME, USA
  • May 24, 2019
Full time Health Care Nursing

Job Description

The Psychiatric Resource Nurse works independently in collaboration with the House Administrator and unit staff to meet the clinical needs of all inpatient hospital units. The Psychiatric Resource Nurse is able to respond quickly to patient, family and unit needs. They are able to engage in cost effective, clinically sound decision making while acting as a leader and mentor to other staff. The Psychiatric Resource Nurse is adept at negotiating conflict, collaborating with others and applying self-reflection to their practice. This nurse provides daily clinical leadership and provides education to nursing staff. The Psychiatric Resource Nurse orients to and performs the role of House Administrator when needed.

•The Psychiatric Nurse will possess and maintain an active Registered Nurse license and possess or obtain a certification in psychiatric nursing
•A minimum of 2 years experience in psychiatric nursing
•Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner in the community
•Maintains regulatory requirements, including HIPPA, Joint Commission, Federal, and State Complies with all organizational policies regarding EMHS's Code of Conduct and ethical business practices
•Carries assigned keys and wears hospital identification and Versus badge in proper locations at all times.
•Attends at least 50 percent of staff meetings and is accountable for staying up to date with all departmental meeting minutes
•Pursues professional growth through a combination of internal and external educational offerings
•Uses the chain of command to resolve workplace issues effectively
•Must possess good oral and written communication skills in the English language
•Self-schedules and attends applicable trainings and certifications in Basic Life Support, MOAB and other applicable competencies prior to expiration date
•Interacts harmoniously and effectively with others, focusing upon attainment of organizational goals and objectives through a commitment to teamwork
•Adheres to attendance, punctuality and dress code standards
•Attends all mandatory safety-related educational programs. Complies with safety rules and protocols to prevent injury to self and others and demonstrates safe behavior in all aspects of the job
•Seeks assistance, guidance, and direction when unsure of procedure and protocols and performance of duties
•Follows infection control protocols including hand hygiene and equipment cleaning

•Is a role model for efficient and patient centered approaches to care
•Takes a mindful and thoughtful approach to all interactions while maintaining appropriate, professional boundaries
•Attitude reflects an emphasis on internal and external customer service
•Maintains an active, mindful and energetic presence on the unit and is proactive with ensuring tasks are completed, assists others whenever possible
•Uses self-reflection to continually improve practice with emphasis on maintaining empathy, compassion, collaboration and patient dignity
•Facilitates educational and community groups and encourages patient participation in offered activities
•Makes frequent rounds on patient units to assess milieu, staffing needs and to maintain communication with unit staff and supervisors
•Responsible for managing patient and staff safety during psychiatric and medical emergencies, continually assesses for imminent risk and ensures safe use of physical interventions
•Anticipates unit needs and independently collaborates to provide support. Able to efficiently prioritize among competing needs
•Directs all aspects of milieu management through active participation and delegation
•Provides supportive, real time feedback to nurses and techs to ensure a safe and therapeutic environment
•Communicates effectively with providers, staff and hospital and unit leadership using techniques such as SBAR
•Actively involved as a leader with unit based and hospital wide quality improvement initiatives such as infection prevention and restraint reduction
•Documentation is thorough, accurate and adheres to hospital policy
•Administers medications in accordance with hospital policy using sound clinical judgment. Carries out LIP orders in same fashion, seeks clarification when needed.
•Provides formal and informal education on hospital wide and unit based performance improvement initiatives.
•Effectively utilizes the electronic medical record to formulate and document a plan of care taking into consideration biopsychosocial needs
•Develops individualized plans of care in collaboration with the patient and significant others that takes into consideration patient's chronological age and stage of development
•Collaborates with Nurse Manager, Shift Supervisor or House Administrator to ensure optimum staffing for current and subsequent shifts
•Anticipates unit needs and independently provides support. Able to efficiently prioritize among competing needs. This can include nursing, tech, housekeeping and safety tasks when needed
•Provides a positive, educational experience to all students, provides individual instruction as needed
•Acts as a preceptor and mentor to department and unit staff
•Proactively identifies and responds to reported safety concerns, including investigating and reporting allegations of abuse or neglect
•Acts as Charge nurse when needed

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.