Modula Inc.

In 1987, Modula opened their Italian manufacturing plant and developed a series of vertical automatic storage systems with drawers for a wide range of industries. What makes Modula's vertical automatic storage system unique, is that it allows 90% of floor space to be recovered, whether it is a workspace or a warehouse. The success of this innovative solution has led to the international success of the company as well as a product line expansion.

Worldwide, Modula employs 250 people in 2 plants in Italy (Salvaterra di Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia) and the US (Lewiston, Maine). In addition there are 13 Modula branch offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa who are supported by a wide network of 45 authorized dealers. Being a part of System Group, Modula also benefits from a large worldwide network, with a presence in over 30 countries and over 1400 employees. This guarantees a local presence to clients, allowing the company to maintain all markets in a personal and timely manner.

As a leader in industrial automated storage solutions, Modula is able to meet the highest quality production standards and serve customers in a variety of markets within a timely manner.

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