Kennebec Sheriff's Office

The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office has proudly served the citizens of Kennebec County since 1799. Throughout those 200+ years, the Sheriff’s Office has changed with the times to accommodate the needs of the citizens we serve. The Sheriff’s Office’s law enforcement component responds to calls for service and our correctional facility houses and cares for the needs of up to 150 inmates.

Community policing is a necessity for 21st century policing. Immersing ourselves in the community improves trust and fosters communication, which helps us in law enforcement curb violence and drug use which is currently plaguing our great state. The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office will continue to work shoulder to shoulder with all law enforcement agencies, collaborating for the good of all and continuing to make a positive impact on our community.

Our agency shall continue to move forward and upwards as a leader in both the law enforcement and correctional fields. We will innovate and improve our alternative sentencing programs, which saves lives, prevents crime and helps reduce the population in our correctional facility.

A new era has begun at the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office. Its focus will be on developing and implementing new ideas for the future and working towards a cohesive, positive environment at the Sheriff’s Office and in the community.

The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office employees will concentrate on developing and maintaining an attitude of an inclusive and cohesive positive work environment.

We will bolster trust and improve relationships with the community by encouraging participation in specialized training, community outreach programs and by recognizing the importance of accountability within our own agency.

We will respectfully partner with all law enforcement entities and local programs which assist us in completing our goal of a safe and healthy community. We will work tirelessly to end the crises of opiate addiction with forward thinking programs and ideas.

We will be diligent in our duties fighting crime and maintaining order in our correctional facility by protecting the community while respectfully managing the community’s investment in our office.

We will perform our duties with compassion, professionalism, respect and attention to detail to ensure success of the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office and our community.